Machete Creative 21 July, 2024 So long, and thanks for all the code!

So long, and thanks for all the code!

It is with heavy hearts but best wishes that we bid fond farewell to one of the staples of Machete life – Gary Readhead. 

Although physically we said our goodbyes in 2018, when Gary moved with his family to the UK, our lead developer and beloved office grump has continued working for Machete remotely since then. Gary has now been given the opportunity to advance his career in the UK, and we wish him all the best in his new position.

Gary has been invaluable to the agency for his expertise in WordPress and PHP development, and his uncanny ability to get to the heart of technical issues and provide elegant solutions. 

With experience in photography, voice artistry and plumbing (yes, you read that right), he has been a huge source of experience, knowledge, general business wisdom and cantankerous humour.

His contribution to the agency over the last eight and a half years has been immense. He’s been the Boxer of the shop, always ready to take on more. His work ethic, his enormous capacity to get things done perfectly and ahead of schedule, has set a standard for all of us to aspire to. And the systems he has set in place, the digital foundation he has laid, will continue long after he has left. 

Cheers Gary, go well! We wish you, Kirsten and the girls all the very best. 

Gary’s role at Machete will be filled by Tonderai Mutsinze, an exciting full-stack developer with great credentials and a big future ahead of him. 

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