Machete Creative 21 July, 2024 Unroll.Me: Tools for Dealing with Digital Overload

Unroll.Me: Tools for Dealing with Digital Overload

Digital overload is one of the defining issues of today’s workplace. We’re bombarded with so many messages all day and all night.  On our desktops, computers, tablets, and smartphones – there’s just no escaping it. Even though we try to concentrate, it’s damn near impossible to focus when your inbox is constantly pinging.

This culture of continuous communication takes a toll both professionally and personally. We’re wasting time, attention, and resources on relatively unimportant knowledge and interactions, keeping busy but generating little benefit. As the late Clifford Nass and his colleagues at Stanford University have demonstrated, people who constantly juggle a number of streams of content do not pay attention, memorize, or handle their tasks as well as those who concentrate on one thing at a time. The effect is a reduction in efficiency and commitment, both in the workplace and at home.

According to The Information Overload Research Group, information employees in the United States spend 25% of their time coping with their vast and rising data sources, costing the economy $997 billion annually.

Enter Unroll.Me screenshot is an email management tool that allows you to easily manage and organize your inbox. It allows you to instantly see a list of all your subscription emails and unsubscribe easily from whatever you don’t want. You can also combine all the subscriptions you want to keep into one beautiful digest called ‘The Rollup’. operates by accessing your inbox, syncing your emails to their servers and archiving messages outside of your inbox. Essentially, it works as a proxy for your inbox.

This means no more alerts for random subscriptions, and a much cleaner, more efficient inbox. The app also works brilliantly on smartphones. And it’s free. Well worth installing!

Ke Poyurs
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