Machete Creative 14 April, 2024 GERU Gets Better: a Significant Upgrade to the Leading Sales Funnel Simulator

GERU Gets Better: a Significant Upgrade to the Leading Sales Funnel Simulator

The developers of GERU recently announced a major new update, bringing some serious improvements to the power and precision of this industry-leading predictive marketing software.

The web-based system — with competent Android and IOS apps for mobile users — allows digital marketing strategists to create graphic flow charts by dragging and dropping icons onto a grid and connecting the lines of traffic flow. This makes it quick and easy to map out complex campaigns, with multiple traffic sources, Yes/No pathways, lead-nurturing email sequences, remarketing loops, landing and sales conversion pages.

But GERU’s real magic lies in its powerful built-in Logic Engine, which allows you to calculate potential revenue, profit, ROI, and other essential metrics from any Funnel Simulation you create. You can set up different scenarios based on different PPC or Facebook media budgets, cost-per-click or conversion rates, and calculate precisely how a single percentage point shift in the CTR could affect your ROAS (return from ad spend) from a particular campaign.

Now this really useful predicative marketing software has issued its first significant upgrade in over 12 months, based on feedback from customers.

So… what’s been added to version 2.8? In a nutshell:

  • Baked-in access to industry average metrics
  • Improved email campaign modelling
  • More flexibility and greater graphic customization
  • An easier way to share Funnel Plans & Simulations online
Machete Creative 14 April, 2024 GERU Gets Better: a Significant Upgrade to the Leading Sales Funnel Simulator

Industry Average Metrics Baked into the Calculator

This one is a biggie, as the system can only be as accurate as the input data it works with. But what is a decent opt-in conversion rate? What can you expect to pay per click on Facebook or Google? What is the average email open or clickthrough rate?

Using reputable sources like Wordstream and Constant Contact, the new GERU release offers instant access to various key performance indicators, ready to be added to your simulation model as you add each component. Having industry average data, metrics, pay per click prices, etc., gives the whole process of calculating costs, profitability and ROI a real-world foundation, allowing you to build a data model for projecting funnel performance based on actual statistics, not guesswork.

Improved Email Flows and Greater Forecasting Accuracy

In additional to forecasting your Email clickthrough rates (and clickthrough stats for each individual email), GERU has also added a new metric: Open Rate %.

Now you can more accurately model (simulate) your email flows by inputting your own stats from previous campaigns. Or you can use the included Industry Average Stats to populate your email flows with industry standard benchmarks for open and click-through rates.

Machete Creative 14 April, 2024 GERU Gets Better: a Significant Upgrade to the Leading Sales Funnel Simulator

Custom Traffic Source Icons and Other Graphics

In addition to these major improvements, two big new graphic features have been added to the GERU canvas. You can now hide the box and number around each Traffic Entry Point and more importantly add a Custom Traffic Source image from a whole collection of new icons — including TikTok! — or a custom-designed image you can upload to the system. The Traffic Source caption can now also be fully customized.

You can add any image, icon, or symbol you like (in different sizes) to the canvas by creating Custom Objects, which can have Y/N connection points (with specified percentage conversions) if appropriate. So, we now have endless options when adding unique icons or images to the canvas, such as landing page screenshots to enhance the visual presentation of funnel maps.

Publish Your Interactive Funnel Map as an Accessible URL

Another very useful new feature is the ability to share an interactive funnel simulation by sending a colleague or a client a clickable web link or URL.

What this means is that even non-GERU account-holders can simply click a link and see a working Funnel Map and Simulation Model — complete with all the traffic data stats, conversion rates and calculation results.

Plus, it’s not static. Anyone who uses link can click the orange ‘Simulate’ button to spin the wheel and see the Simulation numbers come alive — without having to log into GERU at all! And you can generate code from the system to embed any Funnel Map or Funnel Simulation into your own website.

Book a Free GERU demonstration with Machete

With the release of version 2.8, GERU has just become a lot more useful. But more than that, it gives subscribers confidence that the development team are going to continue pushing back the performance limitations of the system over time, making the investment agencies make in learning to master the system all the more rewarding.

If you’d like to see how a GERU Funnel Simulation can run the numbers and predict the ROI for a campaign you may be considering, please contact us for a free demonstration using your own industry and conversion figures.

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