Machete Creative 14 April, 2024 A friendly but ingenious logo for Perch Short Stays

A friendly but ingenious logo for Perch Short Stays

Signatura’s new short stay management company is aptly, if slightly quirkily, named Perch.

Naturally, designer Grant Caithness picked up on the avian connotations of the name, but found an ingenious link between the initial capital letter of the logotype and an iconic bird body shape.

“The Perch logo features a stylised line art bird icon, as the name connotes a bird that is resting – perhaps after a long flight.

“My inspiration came from an energetic and friendly bird called the Cape Robin. It’s a beautiful little creature with a bright, rounded chest and trusting disposition, living happily in many Cape Town gardens, and frequently hopping onto stoeps and even into living rooms to see what’s going on!

“An angled P forms the base of the logo icon, and the angle matches the unusual line of the ‘e’ in Perch. The bird is ‘perched’ on the h and positioned to the right of the logo, with the wing line suggesting an upward motion.

“The ‘Perch’ font has been carefully stylised and includes rounded edges and circular shapes to match the bird icon, and encapsulates the brand values of ease, accessibility, and friendliness.

“The descriptor line ‘Short Stays’ is in a Serif font which creates an interesting contrast between the modern Sans-Serif font of the logotype itself, linking the brand to the formality of its classically named parent company, Signatura, and a reminder of good old-fashioned secondary values like trustworthiness, reliability, and respect.”

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